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Welcome to the hobby of rc helicopters, also called remote control or radio controlled helicopters. Use this website to learn more about the hobby. Get tips, reviews, and online buyer's guide.

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Introduction to RC Helicopters
Basic introduction to battery operated, electric, gas, mini, and cheap rc helicopters. Get into the hobby and start to have fun and relax.

RC Helicopter for Beginners
A beginner's guide to the hobby. Start with an electric mini or micro rc helicopter, and learn more by watching rc helicopter videos.

What is the Best Remote Control Helicopter?
For young kids, the best would be the HumbleBee and Air Hog remote control helicopter. But the best are the hobby quality models, like the electric remote control Apache helicopter.

Top 10 Most Popular Remote Control Helicopters
Here is a list of what considers to be the most popular remote control helicopters in the hobby today. There are petrol and electric powered models, popular brands such as Piccolo, and kits with video cameras that can take aerial photography.

Different Types of Radio Controlled Helicopters - Toys, Models, & Kit
Understand the basic differences between a toy, static model, and radio control helicopter kit.

Recommended Helis
There are many rc helis to choose from. One that is popular and highly recommended is the Piccolo Pro heli.

Helicopters for Sale
Here is our list of highly recommend online hobby shops that sell a wide variety of r/c helicopters.

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So sit back, relax, and let this website be your guide to choosing, building, and flying rc helicopters. Soon you will be flying your model as if it were the real thing.


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RC Helicopters Online Guide
Contents: Introduction to rc helicopters. Beginner's guide to the rc helicopter hobby. Best and most popular remote control helicopters. Radio controlled helicopter toys, models, and kit. Buy helicopters for sale, online. 

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